Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. Trendwatch: New Bohemian

    Trendwatch: New Bohemian
    Those lucky enough to be heading off to Glastonbury this week will be relieved to hear that the sun is going to be making an appearance (it must be true the Met Office say so)!  With the lik
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  2. Trend Watch: Mens Jewellery

    Trend Watch: Mens Jewellery
    There’s a definite return to elegance in men's fashion with tailored suits firmly back on-trend as shown by Dior and Louis Vuitton. With that in mind, we have been perusing over what’s
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  3. Sapphires - An Emblem of Romantic Love

    Sapphires -  An Emblem of Romantic Love
    With a rising interest in beautiful sapphires, as seen this week when the Duchess of Cambridge attended the state banquet wearing rich blue sapphires, we delight in drawing inspiration and passion f
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