Monthly Archives: December 2016

  1. A Gift For Her Zodiac Sign? - Blue Topaz and Tanzanite Jewellery, Behold The December Gemstones

    The blue topaz and tanzanite are the brightest and most vivid stones of all the zodiac birthstones. Tanzanite, a 1000 times rarer than a diamond, with only one source in the world around Mount Kilim
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  2. The Artistry Of Biagio 2017 Launches - The New Creative Jewellery Collection From Biagio

    Inspired by the light, flowing movement and precise performance of the ballet, originating in renaissance Italy comes ‘The Artistry of Biagio’. He embraces the antique, embellished dress w
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  3. 10 Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings To Help Inspire You

    Got the urge to propose? are you looking for that dream engagement ring for your Christmas wish list? Romance and winter wonderland await in this sparkling edit gathering the celebrity hot-list in
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  4. Man, What Do I Buy Him?

    For all those men in your life, an Italian inspired Christmas gift guide from Biagio. Does he have the desk to dawn cufflinks? maybe he doesn’t know that these little beauties will hit the mark
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