Value your jewellery

Biagio invites an independent valuer from the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers to come in store for Valuation Days.

Valuation Days 2017


Pioneer Square, Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6FA t: 01869 252323


Wednesday 12th April
Wednesday 14th June
Wednesday 16th August
Wednesday 11th October



Greyhound Walk, Thame, Oxon OX9 3DY t: 01844 217001


Thursday 11th May
Thursday 13th July
Thursday 14th September
Thursday 16th November


This is an appointment service, please call the store to find out more.

On the day

When you arrive for your appointment, your jewellery will be cleaned, if necessary, and prepared for valuation.

The valuer will then examine your items, without their leaving your sight, as well as give you some fascinating snippets on their history and origin. Vital information about your items will be recorded, including gemstone types and sizes, metal types and workmanship.


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